Meet the team

  • Ryan stevenson - Senior pastor

    Ryan and Desyrae have been partners in ministry for 11 years, serving at four different churches across the United States. Ryan has a passion for speaking and serving the community surrounding the church he is leading. Ryan has a unique perspective as a pastor as he has had both full-time ministry experience, and bi-vocational ministry experience. He is passionate about collaborative and team- oriented leadership. He believes every person plays a unique role in reaching their community for Jesus Christ.

  • Chase delperdang - Assistant Pastor

    Chase and Jennie have been in ministry in Tucson for 14 years doing everything from student ministry to church planting. Chase's passions are to preach, lead and reach out into the community. Chase and Jennie have been married for 10 years and have 3 kids. When Chase isn't at FCC or selling real estate you can find him either hunting, in Rocky Point or wrestling with his kids.

  • Wiley LewisYouth PASTOR

    As the oldest of four kids, Wiley has always found himself working with those younger than him and striving to be a role model. With a God-given joy to work with kids and a passion to help others, he enters his first year as Youth Pastor with excitement! In Wiley's spare time he enjoys playing basketball, filming for his YouTube channel, and watching football...plenty of football.